Privacy Policy
We, at Rhynamics/RhyNav, have the utmost regard for the privacy of our users and customers. We will not sell, lease, or otherwise distribute any infomation the we may collect from visitors to our sites unless required to by law. All product transactions take place offsite, on secure (SSL) third-party payment gateways (PayPal) and Rhynamics at no time receives, views or collects any sensitive information (credit card numbers, PayPal account info) from our customers. All other customer information is collected and stored in confidence for the purposes of order fullfillment and customer service. Rhynamics sites may choose to collect IP Address information from users for for the purposes of security and tracking. Cookies (small digital signiture signiture files) may be used to personalize a users experience. These files are stored by a users browser and are recalled when a user revisits the site. A user may configure his/her web browser to reject cookies.